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About Pathankot

History of Pathankot is glorified by the influence of various kings and rulers. Interesting stories also are popular that centered on the history of Pathankot. In fact Pathankot and its nearby region were integrated to Nurpur territories. Nurpur was the former name of Himachal Pradesh of India. A Taur Rajput , called Jatpal came from Delhi and took hold of the whole areas that are found at the foothill . He was the founder of the Nurpur dynasty.

Rajput kings transferred their capital to Nurpur, a modern town, which was renamed after Begum Nurjahan) during late 17th century. A Muslim successor Sayed Khan, famous king of Nurpur dynasty dominated the region till the year 1781. According to some experts, Pathans settled down at Pathankot during medieval period. Special mentioning of Pathankot also is found in ancient books as well. In the famous book Ain-i-Akbari Pathankot has been mentioned as the Pargana Headquarter. Scholars opine that even in the great epic of India, Mahabharata , Audumbar was the name of Janapada , a type of kingdom. This Audmbar was Pathankot.

Some light also has been thrown about etymology of the words. Popular historian, Cunnigham claimed that Pathankot is derived from the term Pattan. The famous road/colony that forms the heart of city are mission road,jodhamal colony , green heaven colony and patel chownk road. Famous temples are Ashapurni mandir, Kali mata ka mandir,shani dev mandir, hanuman mandir near railway station , Ramlila ground. Also devotees visit CNI church, Peer baba on patel chownk.

There are many good hotels in the city but no 5 star facility hotels . You can get excellent North Indian delicacies round the clock. few of the renowned restaurants of the city are Hotel Venice, Hotel Woodland , Cafe cofee Day, moti mahal etc. One can stop over in Pathankot en-route to Dharamshala (100 km), Dalhousie (70 km),Amritsar (108), Palampur (100 km), Chamba (100 km)& Jammu (100 km), Hoshiarpur (100 km), Kangra (100 km), Jalandhar (108 km) all in different directions from Pathankot. Make sure you visit Dalhousie in winter(December)you can catch some real snow. More over when you visit Dalhousie, don't forget to make ur trip to Kahgiar. No wonder they call it an Indian Switzerland(try balloon riding,paragliding for kids,horse riding, Take a picture in their traditional dress(just Rs 20 - 25 as rent),loads of fun and amazing mouth watering food in restaurants around) To have your adrenalin flow, drive from Khagiar to chamba, narrow roads with breath taking views will make your adrenaline flow for sure.)

For religious trips like Jwalaji (130 km), Chintpurni (130 km) Pathankot becoms an ideal place to rest before heading to the hill route the next morning. A Grand Ranjit Sagar Dam (earthen Dam made of mud and not concrete) is a 100 km water reservoir. This is the latest tourist spot of Pathankot and is in "Must Visit". Chinmayya Temple (Swami Chinmayya Nand) is also un way to Yol Camp (100 km). This is the place where the German Soldiers (POW) were kept in confinement after the Second World War by the British. Kath Garh Temple: The last destination of the Greek emperor Sikandar. While returning back to Greece, The emperor Sikandar's Army refused to cross this area. hence only Sikandar with his Greek team went ahead leaving the most of Indian army here.